Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department

In addition to being ready to fight a fire, respond to a medical emergency or a motor vehicle collision in our fire service area, there are a number of other services the Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department offers to the residents in the Holly Lake area. If you would like more information or have questions about these services, call 903-769-4341. Leave your name and number, and someone will be in touch to discuss your specific requests.

Safety inspections:
Are you concerned about the fire safety of your property? Call us. We can look over your property to help spot general hazards.

Smoke alarms:
If you need help checking the readiness of your smoke alarms, let us know. This includes putting in a new battery. Make sure you have a battery that fits your alarm model.

Medical equipment:
Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department offers a variety of medical equipment to include: canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, bedside commodes, and other items. We have them ready to be loaned out free of charge.

Special-event tours:
Are you having grandkids visit? Are you having a birthday party for kids? Maybe they would like to come to the fire station for a tour of the big trucks. In addition to trying on the firefighting clothing and helmets and climbing all over the trucks, the tour includes getting to spray water and turn on a siren. Tours are available to adult groups also.

If you need a program for your church group, civic group, ladies group, youth group, call us. We can do a number of different programs that run the gamut from bringing a big truck to spraying water to educational programs on fire safety. One of our favorites is bringing our firefighter clothing and letting participants try it on and see how it works. Of course, we can tailor our programs to fit your specific interests.

Traffic control:
For certain types of special events, we are available to help with traffic control.

Fire safety events:
Each year we participate in programs at area schools by taking our trucks to the schools and spending the day with students looking over the equipment and talking with them about fire and driving safety.

The above services are a sample of what the HLVFD offers.
If you have a unique requirement, let us know.
We will do our best to help you with it.